Car Hire Guide at Durban Airport

The new and fully improved Durban Airport is located on the southwestern side of the city center of Durban city, not very far from Umlazi and Isipingo. The airport is part of the popular province of KwaZulu-Natal. If this is where you’re scheduled to land on your next vacation, then you must be looking forward to enjoying the sunny beaches and the exotic delights of South Africa.

The airport is quite a big one and it can handle over 2 million passengers annually to and from the different destinations around the world. The climate over at this city of South Africa is simply great, as it is predominantly sunny all year round. Durban is both a holiday destination and a business area. Being in this part of South Africa gives you access to the safaris and the beaches, on top of the exotic foods and the historical places that you can fully enjoy, of course.

Take your car and drive from the beach to the interesting Hogsback Mountain Village. Or maybe you’d like to see rare tigers over at the Kruger National Park. Whichever way you want it, your vacation here in Durban would only get better if you have a good car to trek the city with.

If you’re arriving at the Durban Airport real soon, you can arrange for a car through Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz, and Thrifty. All of these have car hire companies have offices right at the airport terminal, allowing you to conveniently book the car of your choice. There are local players available too such as First Car Rental, Tempest Car Hire, and Woodford Vehicle Hire. The Tax rank is  located outside the arrivals hall. All Taxis are metered and cheap compared to other countries, Tipping in South Africa is standard practice 10 % of fair is the norm.

Book a car from these rental companies and you’ll have the perfect vehicle to take for a spin around town. For added convenience, best to  book the car of your choice days before your arrival date. This way, you can ask the companies to prepare the car right on the day that you get there so you can immediately drive it over to your hotel. The online partners of the car hire companies listed above could help you out should you need assistance. Through them, you are also assured of getting the best car at the best rate in town.

A Guide to Inspecting Used Cars

Used cars can be a great investment, because they don’t depreciate in value as quickly as brand new vehicles do. However, if you’re thinking of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, you should check it thoroughly before you commit to buying it. That way, you can be sure you’re getting a good deal on a vehicle that won’t need much maintenance once you buy it. A thorough inspection before you purchase the automobile is extremely important. Noticing problems early can save you a great deal of money in repair costs.

The first thing you should do is inspect the vehicle’s exterior. You should make sure that the windshield is free of cracks and that the car’s body doesn’t have any dents, dings, or scratches. Additionally, you should make sure that no paint has been scratched off the vehicle and that the entire vehicle is painted the same color. After you do that, you should look at the headlights and make sure they’re clear and not yellowed. These seemingly small cosmetic flaws can actually cost a lot of money to fix.

When inspecting used cars, you should also check the tires carefully to make sure there are no cuts, bubbles, or cracks. Additionally, the tires should be of a reputable brand, and all four of them should match, as opposed to each one being a different brand or model. To ensure that there are no nails embedded in the tires, you should check the tire pressure, take the vehicle for a test drive, and check it again. If the tire pressure drops during the drive, there may be a hole or nail in the tire. Buying new tires can be quite expensive, so it’s important to make sure they’re in good shape before you purchase the car.

Once you’ve finished inspecting the tires, you should look over the vehicle’s interior. The doors, windows, and trunk should all open and close without any difficulty. You should also check the seats and floor to make sure there are no stains or tears in the fabric. Additionally, you should always check the heating and cooling system, stereo, windshield wipers, locks, and lights to make sure they work properly. Finally, you should ensure that none of the dashboard warning lights are on when you start the vehicle.

In addition to checking the exterior, interior, and tires of any used cars that you’re thinking of buying, you should also take the vehicle for a lengthy test drive. This will ensure that the vehicle steers well. You should drive around corners to make sure the vehicle turns properly. Also, be sure that the vehicle brakes smoothly and there are no clicking or grinding noises when you press your foot down on the brake. If you notice any problems, you might want to rethink buying the vehicle.

Brief Guide When You Plan to Buy Used Cars

If this is your first time to buy used cars, you will soon realize that this can be a real challenge. You will have to spend more time on your research than on the actual purchase of the car. Even if you are only buying a second hand vehicle, you should still be very careful as to where you will put your hard-earned money. At these times when the economy seems to be unstable, the very thing that you have to be alert is where you spend your money on.

Simple Guide

To help you more regarding your plan to buy used  cars , here are some  guides  that you can read about and follow when you are ready to go about your purchase.

1. What is the type of car that you are looking for? You may want something that the whole family can use. You have to bear that purpose in mind when you go out and see the selection of cars that you can buy. If you have found something that is really elegant but cannot really suffice for the needs of the whole family, you may want to look further no matter how much you like your first choice.

2. You must look into the mechanical condition of the car before you buy it. You can look at its engine and test drive the vehicle to know how it feels to go behind its wheels. You should also take a look at its service history as well as its mileage background.

3. Inspect and thoroughly check every part of the car. In a way, you are assessing how much more you are going to spend after you have purchased your choice. Look at its paint and the condition of its tires. You should also check its interiors and vital parts like the air con, stereo and seat belts.

Good Deals

Your main goal through it all is to find good deals on your venture to buy used cars. You can start the search at the comfort of your own homes by browsing at websites that deal with the matter. You can first search for tricks and guides about how you should go about your purchase. You need to find out the legitimate sites where you can transact business with. You cannot afford to take too much risk just so you will be able to acquire the car that you want as soon as possible. You must know what you are getting into and reading through articles that can be found on the web that deal about the topic will help you a lot in the process.

After you have gathered tips, it is now time to look at the sites that you have collected from your research. You can browse through the available stocks. You must ask questions that you think will help you with your decision. It will be favorable if the site offers assistance, whether it’s done through live chat or through phone. The main thing here is that you can talk with a real person and transact business with them. You can also ask them for favors, like seeing the car first and having it tested on the road before you finalize anything.

You can also achieve a lot regarding this kind of purchase when you read the classified ads. You will be amazed at the numerous choices, so you really have to take down notes of the ones that will catch your interest.

You may also want to check out your local dealers regarding this quest. This is the easiest way because you will see the cars upfront and you will be able to pick from the ones presented to you.

A Guide to Buying Second Hand Cars

If you’re in the market to buy a car and you don’t have a lot of money, you’re probably going to have to buy a used car. There’s nothing wrong with that, though, so don’t let yourself assume that you have to struggle and fuss and bicker your way through a bunch of car dealers and private individuals to find something that’s even remotely driveable. There are many, many good used cars out there, and much of whether you’ll be buying a great one or just an OK one depends on how much money you actually have to spend. You aren’t going to find the best used cars at the lowest prices, so don’t go out there to shop with your expectations much too high. You’ll only be in for some defeat. Instead, do some research first. Think about what kind of car you want and need, and take a good look at how much you can reasonably spend on it. Then, see what’s available in that price range in your local area.


You might have to change what you want a little bit in order to get something that you can afford, so it’s important to be open to change. Don’t automatically assume that people will be falling all over themselves trying to sell you their car. They won’t. They want the most money for what they’re offering, and naturally they think that their car is worth more than you think it’s worth. That’s what negotiation is for, but only if you can afford the car and only if you think that the car is worth the price that you’re paying. There’s no point in buying something you really don’t like or don’t feel safe in unless you must have a car and that’s absolutely the only thing that you can afford. 


Also, you should have the car checked out by someone you trust before you buy it. Don’t take the dealer’s word for it, or take it to the seller’s mechanic. That’s never a good idea. Instead, make sure that you take the car to someone you feel comfortable with or, better yet, bring that person along. Don’t rush into something, either. If you seem too eager a seller will know that you really want the car and will probably pay more. Even if you really love the car and think it’s perfect for you, proceed with caution to get the best deal.

Buying Guide For Used Cars – Avoid the Dealer’s Scams

Used car dealers are notorious for taking advantage of innocent buyers. Fair assumption or not, nobody wants to be turned over. Car dealers have so many different tactics to get you buying a car it would make your head spin and your hair curl. Here are two dealer’s scams for you to avoid.

BAIT AND SWITCH – As old as the hills but still going strong.

  • You are looking through the paper and you see your favorite car being advertised at a really low payment figure. You are loving this so you go down to the dealer. Low and behold the salesman regretfully tells you that the car has already been sold. They then tell you that there are other cars on the lot with better specifications and options for not much more money. You are there so you go along with it. When you ask how much more this is going to cost they brush you off saying that the finance manager will deal with the figures later.

It is all about getting you through the door. Once you are there the dealers reckon they can control the process.


  • Do your research on the manufacturers websites and get to know about all the different options available on the model you are interested in.
  • Take someone with you to support you should they try to pressurize you.
  • Make sure you check any figures and agreements carefully and don’t sign anything if you are not comfortable.


  • The Finance Manager comes out and tells you that your credit rating is lower than it really is. This means the interest rate on the car loan will have to be higher than it should be. Easy money for the dealer!


  • Check your credit rating prior to visiting the dealership. Take some proof to show them if they try it on. Your credit rating is what it is whether you ask for it or the dealer asks for it. Try Experian or EquiFax. If they start getting bullish leave and do not return.

You’ll probably find this info. quite an eye opener. Let me tell you, there is plenty more that they get up to. The selling game has been honed down to an exact science by these guys.

Diecast Model Car Buyers’ Guide

If you have an interest in cars but don’t have the budget to collect the real thing, a great hobby to get into is to start a scale model diecast car collection. You don’t need to be rich to afford to collect scale model diecast cars. They are affordable, highly detailed, easy to display, and a lot of fun.

You can collect vintage cars, American cars, foreign cars, even hot rods and race cars. It’s all up to you and your personal interest. On the racing front, the truly avid NASCAR fan may build a collection of NASCAR diecast, however these models tend to get expensive because they are highly sought after by collectors due to their high trade and resell value.

For most beginning diecast collectors it makes sense to start a collection with more reasonably priced items. A great way to start your collection is to shop on a site that has a broad range of diecast vehicles to choose from.

A main factor in determination of the price of a model diecast car is the size of the model. And, as most things go, bigger size means bigger price tag. For some reason the 1/18 scale diecast is a great way to start your collection: they are reasonably inexpensive and easy to store. 1/18 scale diecast is where the attention to detail really starts to become more apparent. This scale also offers a lot of working features like hoods, doors and trunks that open. Wired engines. Lots of interior detailing, and even working suspension systems. 1/24 scale diecast model cars can also include these features and high level of detail, but to get a really good quality 1/24 diecast car you are going to pay well over $100. Once you start getting smaller than 1/24 scale, most diecast vehicles in 1/32 scale, 1/43 scale or 1/64 scale are really nothing more than a HotWheels or Matchbox sized car.

Options available for new diecast car collectors include: 1/18 Scale (1/18th the size of a real car) 1/24 Scale (1/24th the size of a real car) 1/32 Scale (1/32nd the size of a real car) 1/43 Scale (1/43rd the size of a real car) 1/64 Scale (1/64th the size of a real car) which is basically, a Match Box car.

Lastly, if space is an issue, consider where you plan to store or display your model diecast cars before you buy.

Car Audio Guide

Many enthusiasts tend to think of car audio components such as subs, amps, speakers and head unit as separate entities. They don’t realize that to improve sound quality, they need to set-up a system that is well structured and tuned to maximize sound performance.

Thousands of enthusiasts pay a lot of money on car speaker replacements thinking that by doing so they will improve their sound quality. If you are one of them, it time to think again. Although speakers contribute to the overall sound performance, you need to understand that there is much more than that. Beside speakers, a good and well planned car audio system consists of a quality head unit (receiver), wires and subwoofers. If you neglect any of these vital elements, you will be missing out a lot.

The first thing anyone must consider when upgrading his system is the head unit. The head unit is the brain of your system and it controls and feeds the signal to your subs and speakers. Since everything starts from the receiver, make sure that you replace your factory stereo with a one that can be easily expanded and loaded with the latest technologies. Since not every head unit is suitable for every speaker type, make sure that your new head unit can power-up your speakers to eliminate damage and get the most of your system.

Once you decided on the receiver, it’s time to find the right speakers. Car speakers come into many sizes and shapes, so make sure to get speakers that matches your car specs and fits perfectly to eliminate lousy and low quality sound. Installing your speakers or subwoofers in the wrong location will affect their performance and life expectancy.

Looking for more power? You can give your system a boost by adding an amplifier. Car amplifier can add a lot to your audio system. The main role of an amp is to amplify the signal that comes from your head unit and send it to your speakers and subwoofers. If you are battery can’t power up your system, you can either replace it with a special power cell or add a capacitor. Making sure that your amplifier gets constant power will ensure a consistent performance and prevent damage to other car components.

Car customization and modification can be a challenging task especially for those who don’t know much about car audio. Make sure that you plan your set up before getting your system installed. This will ensure that you are getting the best set up and prevent any damage to your expensive equipments.

A Step by Step Guide For Car Donation

How often have you realized that selling your car is expensive for you? Perhaps, you have realized it. Yet, most of us want to ignore this fact. We tend to look at the result o selling. We think that we will get money at the end and, our thoughts start and end there.

But, if we think a little deeper, we will find that selling the car is quite a hassle. You have to have good contacts to get a customer without spending a single dollar. Otherwise, you will have to advertise your cause and wait. It is both expensive and stressful. Again, after you sell the car and received the money you have to pay some part of it as sales tax. So, there are a lot of hassles there when you sell your car.

However, when you donate a car, you find yourself in a more profitable condition. You don’t have to spend a single buck in the process of donating the car. Again, the value of the car is completely deductible from the sales tax. Naturally, you get twice the better result than selling the car. In addition, you get rid of the junk that is there in your house. What’s more, you can donate car regardless of what condition it is in, a prospect that is impossible when it comes to sell a car.

Now, if you are thinking about donation your car, you will find itself the easiest thing that you have ever done. Of course, the advent of internet has made the car donation even easier. So, just take a look at the steps that you need to perform if you are to donate your car.

The first thing that you have to do to donate your car is to find out the right organization for car donation. You will find thousands of different organizations there in the internet. Naturally, you have to be a little cautious here. Make sure that you have checked all the information given on the websites. For, there are tricks that different websites use to allure people. You can check out the website of IRS to find out whether an organization has the eligibility to receive donation.

Another important thing that you have to do is to learn certain lessons on the tax laws. The difficult part here is that it keeps changing. So make sure that you are updated with the latest laws.

However, once you have picked up the right website, you have to file your application. Normally, this is done through an online form that is offered by the website. The forms are generally very easy to fill. In fact, it does not take more than a few minutes to complete the form. So, you don’t have to step outside your house to apply for the car donation.

The steps that follow them need a little bit of engagement from you. Now, the responsibility lies on the organization to pick up the car that you want to donate. In fact, you don’t even have to be in the house when the organization will come to pick up the car. So, sit in front of computer and relax.

Morocco Car Hire Guide

Morocco is a small North African country with a population of no more than 32 million. It sits on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, runs through the Gibraltar Strait, and goes into the Mediterranean Sea. Morocco is a very rich country. And it is popular amongst the local and foreign travelers not only because of its paradise-like shoreline but due to its impressive historic sites as well.

Here in Morocco you can easily explore the Ruins of Chellah in Rabat. An important Islamic altar was also built here during the 14th century, called the Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou. As for geographical wonders, there’s the High Atlas Mountains, Rif Mountains, and the Sahara Dessert to be proud about. All of these sit in the beautiful contrast to the country’s sparkling waters and calming lakes.

If you’re all set for a Moroccan adventure, you should also have the car that you’ll use during your stay all planned out. Don’t go there without a clear means of transportation as you might miss out some of the breathtaking sights that this country can provide. Book a car from major car hire providers such as Avis, Sixt, Europcar, and Hertz. They would gladly help you out and provide for the vehicle that’s a perfect match for your needs.

Morocco has a great network of roads and highways which are constantly improving. Traffic rules are strictly implemented around here so you better stick to the right side of the law at all times. There are police officers at every corner, especially in the city capital of Rabat. But more than anything else, the police are there to make you feel more secured when driving, especially if you’re a foreigner.

Driving your own car in Morocco has its advantages and having the ability to explore everything about the town is just one of the many things that you can do with your own car at your disposal. Be sure that you reserve a vehicle days before your scheduled arrival in the country. This way, you’ll be assured of the best vehicle to use around town. Book a car online for both comfort and convenience.

My Guide to Car Buying

There is nothing like the thrill of driving home in a nice new car. I used to sell cars and of course I’ve bought a few myself. When buying your new car its very important to follow a few steps to guarantee you’re getting a good deal. A bad deal can cost you thousands of wasted dollars and could even hurt your credit if you get yourself in in too deep. Try and follow these rules so you can get the best deal possible.

One of the most important rules when determining you’re ready for a new car is don’t go out and make a spontaneous decision. Do a little homework. Even for a couple of weeks or more if necessary. Do a little research on the internet and do your homework on the vehicle you’re interesting in purchasing. Check out the car buyers guide Consumer Reports publishes. They have great information on things people often overlook that factor in to the cost of ownership of the vehicle. They also compare the car to other vehicles in the same class and measure things such as predicted reliability, ride, noise and resale value.

If possible I recommend not trading in your car at the dealer. Car dealers take in used cars as trades to obviously sell them for higher prices then what they’re willing to give you. They want to make as large a profit as possible on your car. In some instances dealers may not have a need for your car and just plan on unloading it at an auction for wholesale price. You can usually get thousands more by selling the car on your own which isn’t that difficult. You can find simple sale forms online and it usually only takes a few hours and a couple small ads placed in local papers or on the internet. Craigslist is a great site to start and they even let you post your vehicle ad there for free.

If you decide to sell the car on your own or if you decide to trade it in, make sure it is cleaned and polished to perfection. When I sold cars I would see the dirtiest and most disgusting interiors in cars brought in to be traded. Many were never even simply washed first. Remember that someone is deciding on how much your car is worth and you’re the salesman and your car is the product. The better the car looks inside and outside, the more the buyer is likely to believe you cared for the car properly. Spend an hour or so washing the car, cleaning the windows, vacuuming, polishing the dash and removing the junk and clutter.

Do your homework on what your old car is worth. A great site for this is Kelly Blue book. If privately selling your car use the site to determine a fair asking price. If trading in your car, look for the trade-in value to help you figure out what to expect its value to be. Remember if trading in your old vehicle that you’re not just negotiating on the price of the new car, but also the value of your old one. Many dealers will try and satisfy the shopper by over inflating the value of the trade-in and not significantly discounting the new car. Others will discount the new car and low ball a buyer on the value of their trade-in. You obviously want to get a high discount and a great price for your old car. That’s why you’re better off usually selling your car on your own to maximize the price you receive for your old car.

Car dealerships make a great deal of their money on the add-ons they sell after the sale of the your new vehicle. Things such as extended warranties and items like car alarms, car starters and radios are usually heavily marked up. I personally highly recommend passing on these. Most of them can be purchased at places like Best Buy, Circuit City and many other local retailers for much cheaper prices and usually much higher quality.If you do feel you have to purchase any of these add-ons, most are also negotiable.

Many dealers will try to scare you and tell you that after market work will void your warrantee. This isn’t always the case and dealers say this to make you want to roll in additional items into your loan and just get the work done there. This is usually not the case as most dealerships take their cars to local stores to put the items in for them anyway. By rolling the highly marked up items into your auto loan you are now going to be paying interest on them for years.

The finance manager you usually meet is usually the one to pitch you the fore mentioned items. Its also his job to try and get you to take a loan he arranges through the dealership. The rate in some instances is also able to be negotiated. They may try to get you to sign a loan with an interest point or two higher than you could get elsewhere. This cost you extra money over the life of your loan and puts money in their pocket. Before even going to the dealership or discussing rates with the finance manager check with your local credit union or bank to get an idea of the current rates out there.

Finally this is my most important rule. Even if you skipped my whole article and jumped right to here remember this. You really are the one in control. No one can force you to buy. The salesman and the dealership need you more than you need them. They want your money and in most cases there are other dealerships where you can buy so you have the edge. SHOP AROUND!!! Try and never, and I mean NEVER, buy on the first trip to a dealership. I have saved myself and others countless dollars by taking this approach. No matter how good of a deal you may have think you worked out, another dealership is usually willing to go that much further to beat it.

If you go in person to the dealership they will usually send in the “closer” if you don’t agree to buy right away. Its okay. Don’t get nervous. Just be calm and be firm after you have heard their best deal. They will even usually sweeten that once or twice more before they finally accept you are ready to go. If they try the “I can only give you this deal today” then they’re getting too pushy and they’re usually lying anyway. If you walked and came back most dealers are not going to pass up a ready to sign deal.

Now that you know one dealers best price and if you have no trade-in you could just call another dealership right over the phone and negotiate. With the amount of competition out there and so many shoppers buying right over the phone and internet now, most dealers will work a deal right over the phone with you now. If you have a trade-in of course you would need to visit the other dealership so they can evaluate your trade.

Be sure to look into car manufacturers discounts. Car companies sometimes have extra discounts for military personnel. There are also usually discounts available for recent college graduates and loyalty programs for those buying or leasing another vehicle from the same manufacturer. If you’re not sure what’s available ask the sales rep, finance manager or look online.

Finally many dealerships now go as far as 7 years for loans on vehicles. Spreading a car out over this many months is a very bad move. You’re more likely to get yourself upside down this way (owing more then your vehicle is worth). This makes selling your car, or trading your car in later almost impossible without coming up with a very large down payment and it means you’re more likely to become upside down on your future cars as well. If you have to stretch your car payments that long in order to get a payment you can afford, odds are you’re looking at too much car for your budget.

Good luck and happy car hunting.